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    Awning windows on stone wall

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    Custom home with awning windows

Awning Windows – Advantage Plus

Advantage Plus

Awning windows are the ultimate way to add natural light and ventilation to your home. Their unique opening style allows the windows to be open even during rainy weather and they will not interfere with your window treatments. Also, the unique opening operation makes Awning windows convenient and easy to use. Choose from a great selection of glazing and grill options.


Key Features

  • Moisture resistant vinyl interior and exterior
  • Very functional, easy operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Opens outward to allow to bring in fresh air even when there is rainy weather

Select from an array of exciting design opportunities

Advantage Plus windows & doors offer homeowners great versatility with a wide range of options. Whether you’re building your dream home or replacing the windows and doors in your current home, the Advantage Plus will increase the energy efficiency and curb appeal of your home.


Exterior Finishes

Available in three standard colors:


Also available in many custom colors:



We can also colour match to your needs.
Contact your Pollard representative for further details.

Interior Finishes

White Interior

Advantage Plus Window - Corner pieces

A traditional white interior finish offers versatility when decorating your home.

NEW: Black Interior Option

Add a modern touch to your home with a black interior.

Choices that add character

With our SplitFinish feature, you choose the exterior color that best suits your home and pair it with a white interior so you don’t have to compromise your interior decorating ideas. Our standard and custom exterior color choices offer a wide array of colors that will complement the brick, stucco or siding on your home. The durable hardware is designed to be both beautiful and dependable. Easy-reach hardware and limiting devices are available for special applications.

Advantage line brick mold options

Brickmold Options

Exterior Casting window options for Pollard Windows and Doors

Exterior Casing

Interior grill bar options for Pollard windows

Grill Bars

Window hardware options - cranks and window locks

Hardware Options

Beautiful design with excellent energy efficiency

Pollard Windows has partnered with ENERGY STAR® and is making a positive contribution to help preserve the environment. By choosing products that have earned the ENERGY STAR you are helping to make a difference too. Some features that make our Advantage Line a design that performs are:

Image of extruded vinyl

Extruded Vinyl

Only lead free virgin vinyl is used in our Advantage Plus. All vinyl extrusions are a minimum .060 thick which is six times thicker than typical aluminum cladding. Vinyl offers excellent durability and can be easily recycled. Vinyl also has a prolonged life cycle and is virtually maintenance-free meaning less windows will end up in the landfill.

Energy Efficent low argon glazing between window panes

Energy Efficient Low E Argon Glazing

The Advantage Plus features high performance glazing which consists of an advanced Low Emissivity coating, an airspace filled with argon gas and a warm edge steel spacer bar around the perimeter. This combination of materials reduces heat loss through the glass and minimizes condensation and filters out harmful U.V. rays. Energy efficient glazing will reduce the amount of energy required to heat and cool the home, decreasing the amount of greenhouse gases released into the environment.

Our Healthy Planet Focus

Pollard Windows is dedicated to manufacturing windows and doors that are energy efficient and durable for generations to come. We’re committed to environmentally conscious choices through responsible engineering and design with the efficient use of materials. Our continuous product improvements consider ways to recycle, reuse and reduce. Pollard’s commitment to a greener future is shown by our participation with the ENERGY STAR® program and our membership in both the Canada and U.S. Green Building Councils®. Furthermore, our windows are featured in some award winning Platinum certified Leed® homes (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Environmental certifications logos

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