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Pollard Window's ENERGY STAR Products

We proudly offer customers ENERGY STAR certified windows and doors which can minimize your environmental impact while saving you money on your cooling and heating bills.

Energy Star Certification 2024


Endorsed by the government, ENERGY STAR is a symbol indicating energy efficiency. In the past two decades they have helped millions of businesses and families save electricity usage, money on energy costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

What is a ENERGY STAR Certified product?

A ENERGY STAR certified product is a product that has abided by the strict guidelines to meet the standards of ENERGY STAR in terms of energy efficiency.

What are the benefits of ENERGY STAR products?

  • Save Money

    Installing energy efficient doors lowers your energy bills and reduces the amount of greenhouse gas you emit

  • Get Rid of Cold Drafts and Overheated Spaces

    ENERGY STAR certified windows and doors helps keep your home at a consistent temperature

  • Safeguard your furniture

    Energy optimized windows and doors reduces the amount of harmful sunlight rays that enter into your home

  • Superb Performance

    All products adhere to strict guidelines to ensure your home has maximum energy efficiency

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