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Commercial Window Upgrades at Pollard Windows & Doors

4 Ways Commercial Window Upgrades Can Improve Your Business

If you’re a property manager and are looking to take your building to the next level, consider Commercial Window upgrades from Pollard Windows & Doors. From energy efficiency to curb appeal, new windows can help to improve your property in many ways.

We offer commercial windows for low-rise and mid-rise buildings, including apartment complexes, and a range of retail shops and facilities in Burlington, the GTA and beyond. Here are some of the key reasons to invest in new windows for your space.

1. Energy Efficiency

When it comes to running a successful business, cost is everything. Keep your eye on the bottom line by reducing your monthly energy bills.

New windows are an important part of this. At Pollard, we carry ENERGY STAR certified products, which are officially endorsed to improve energy efficiency. This can help to reduce your monthly bills and allow you to accrue savings over time. In older buildings, weak glass and poorly sealed windows can allow drafts and heat loss — meaning those heating bills can quickly add up during cold Canadian winters. 

New windows and doors can improve ventilation and airflow — which is another key way to reduce your A.C. bill while keeping your space breezier and more comfortable. With lots of natural light, you can also save on your electricity bill during daylight hours.

2. Curb Appeal

Win over visitors to your property with windows that maximize the beauty of your space. For property owners, new windows and doors will improve the aesthetics and update the look of your building. Beautifying your space can help you to entice desirable tenants — not to mention making your space more attractive and more pleasant to be in. 

3. Increased Productivity 

By making your space more enjoyable to be in, you can improve productivity among your occupants. According to a study from Cornell University, “Optimizing the amount of natural light in a room significantly improves health and wellness, leading to gains in productivity.” The study found that people working with ample natural light reported an 84% drop in eyestrain. When people are in close proximity to a daylight-optimizing window, they reported a 2% increase in productivity and an 80% higher daylight satisfaction.

Which is to say — people are happier and healthier when their space features lots of natural light, leading to becoming more efficient and productive. 

4. Increased Value

Don’t neglect one of your most important business assets: the building itself. At some point, you might want to sell your building — having invested in updating your windows and doors can add an extra injection of cash from selling your property.

You can maximize the value of your building and enjoy the benefits of better windows and doors in the short term. We’re positive you’ll see a return on your investment when you sell.

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