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Below find frequently asked questions regarding our products.

Window Frequently Asked Questions

Which window is best for my home?

The window that is best for you very much depends on a combination of personal style and what is a practical fit for your home. Fill out our online quote form to start the consultation process. Our free consultations include an in-home visit to measure your openings and help you understand what window and door materials, styles and options are available to best suit your budget and lifestyle.

Can window tint be removed?
Factory glazed tinting cannot be removed without replacing the entire sealed unit. Any attempt will void the warranty on your product. If you require assistance, Pollard Windows is proud to provide customers with options for window and door service from a team of professional technicians. Service requests can be made easily using our online Service Request form.
Can window frames be painted?
If you’re thinking of painting your window frames, be sure to check the details of your warranty first. If you’re replacing your windows, consider Pollard Windows’ Liberty Collection vinyl clad wood windows which are a perfect option if you intend to paint the interior of your window frames. Liberty Collection windows are available in four natural wood finishes – including stain-grade pine which is ready for primer and paint. Contact your Pollard Windows & Doors Sales Representative or Dealer to find out whether painting your interior window frames would impact your warranty. We do not recommend painting the exterior vinyl clad window frame as it would void the warranty on the product.
Can window screens be repaired or replaced?
Pollard Windows & Doors understands that sometimes things break – even screens, despite the special handling & care that they require. Pollard Windows is proud to provide customers with options for window service from a team of professional technicians. Service requests can be made easily using our online Service Request form.
Can window locks be repaired?
The regular maintenance and lubrication of your windows’ moving parts will help prolong their lifespan. All moving parts should be well-lubricated and cleaned of any debris regularly. Reference our Care and Maintenance Guide for details on the upkeep of moving parts for your window. If you need your window locks to be repaired, service requests can be made easily using our online Service Request form.
Do I need to caulk a window? Where do I caulk a window?

Inspect the caulking on the exterior perimeter of your windows at least once per year. Caulking helps create a watertight seal between the window frame and the house exterior. If the caulking is cracked, broken or missing, completely remove the old caulking and replace with all new caulking to prevent leakage.

Which window cleaner is best?

For best results, do not clean glass when it is exposed to direct sunlight. Soak the glass surface with soapy water to loosen dirt and debris. Use water that’s a similar temperature to the weather conditions. Follow with a 50/50 vinegar & water solution and dry with paper towels for a streak-free finish. Clean the glass from top to bottom, and repeat on both the interior and exterior of the glass.

Which window material is best?

Pollard Windows & Doors proudly carries vinyl and vinyl clad wood windows.  Vinyl is strong, durable, resistant to rot, energy efficient, requires minimal maintenance, has a low environmental impact, offers limitless design options and is affordable.

Are window sizes standard?
Pollard Windows & Doors’ products are available in a vast number of standard sizes or they can be custom-sized to fit your next renovation or new construction project. To find out which window size and style is right for your space, contact your Pollard Sales Representative or Dealer.
How long does window installation take?

Once the final measurements have been taken for your windows and doors, the new product will be installed in as early as 4-8 weeks. The length of time needed for the physical installation process depends on the type of window being installed and/or removed. On average, each window or door takes approximately 30 minutes to install.

How do I install windows myself?
Our Installation instructions are recommendations for typical construction only. Pollard strongly recommends that an experienced contractor, architect or structural engineer be consulted prior to installation. Reference our Window Installation Guide for installation instructions.
Can windows crack from cold weather?
Extreme temperature fluctuations in weather can cause small thermal stress cracks on rare occasions. Should this happen, please contact your Pollard Sales Representative or Dealer to discuss the details of your warranty.

Door Frequently Asked Questions

What is a standard size patio door?
The standard size of a two-panel patio door is 80 inches by 72 inches. But no two homes are exactly the same so give us a call or ask for a quote and we’ll help you out!
How much do your patio doors cost?
With many design options and a range of sizes, that really depends on what you are looking for and would be impossible for us to answer here. We can definitely provide you with a quote after getting a bit more information, so please contact us or request a quote.
What is the difference between a French door, patio door and terrace door?
The main difference between a french door and a patio door is that a patio door slides open on rollers and french doors have two doors that swing open with hinges. Both tend to have large glass panels to allow the maximum amount of light and view exposure. Fun fact: the french door probably came from Italy originally.
A terrace door is very similar to a french door, except it has a sliding screen to prevent bugs from entering the living space.
Learn more about our Vistador patio doors here.
What materials are used for patio doors?
Patio doors can be made from a wide variety of materials and combinations of materials. These materials include wood, vinyl, fibreglass, steel, and aluminum. We offer both all vinyl and vinyl-clad wood patio doors, each has a maintenance-free vinyl exterior. For the all vinyl patio doors, you can enjoy the ease and clean lines of vinyl on the inside & out. For the vinyl-clad wood option, you will appreciate the best of both worlds: an exterior that can withstand the snow and ice of Canadian winters, and an interior that has the warmth and beauty to fit your home’s decor. Learn more about our Vistador patio doors here.
Can you replace glass in a patio door?
We are happy to offer service for Pollard Windows & Doors products, if your patio door should require repair please contact us.
Why won't my patio door slide properly?

If the door is not completely level, this could be the problem. There are adjusting screws at the bottom on the interior side of the door. Turn the screw on the low side so that the door looks level. If it still sticks, try raising both sides slightly.

If this doesn’t work you’ll likely have to carefully remove the door and check the rollers for excess debris or disrepair. Clean and lubricate or replace the rollers and you should be good to go!

How do I care for my sliding door?

First, you should clean the glass fairly regularly to keep grime from building up. Here’s how:

  1. Try not to clean the glass when it’s exposed to direct sunlight
  2. Soak the glass surface with soapy water to break up grime and dirt
  3. Clean the glass from top to bottom, using water similar to the weather temperature and mixing water with vinegar
  4. Use a paper towel for a streak-free finish

You should also do a few other things on a regular basis:

  • Inspect the weatherstrip around the door frame for cracks or tears that may be causing air leaks
  • Clean the hardware with a soft cloth – for non-bronze materials, use water and mild detergent; for bronze, use light mechanics oil (wipe off after several minutes)
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Assess if door is level – if not, make level with adjusting screws at the bottom
  • Clean rails on which the patio door slides

General Frequently Asked Questions

What type of window products do you carry?
Pollard is proud to offer a wide range of windows and doors to suit the tastes of all homeowners. We carry Advantage LineAdvantage PLUS and Liberty Collection vinyl windows that include single-hung, double-hung, horizontal sliders, fixed lite, casement, awning, bay & bow, and decorative windows.
What kind of door products do you carry?
Pollard’s selection of doors includes standard entrance systems, terrace & patio, Frenchclad, solid wood, and transoms.
What kind of warranty do you offer?

We believe our long-term commitment to our customers has contributed to our success, and that extends to our product warranty. Pollard offers an industry-leading warranty on sealed glass. The length and coverage will vary based on product and country.

What does the Energy Star logo mean?
ENERGY STAR® helps consumers easily identify products, homes and buildings that save energy and money. Products that earn this label prevent greenhouse gas emissions (or protect the environment) by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Energy (DOE), and are endorsed by the Government of Canada. Pollard Windows & Doors is proud to carry products with the ENERGY STAR® logo. More information is available here.
Do you provide a post installation-service?
Pollard is proud to provide customers with options for window and door service from a team of professional technicians. Service requests can be made easily using our online form. Please note that our post-installation services are only available for Pollard window and door products. We do not service other brands.
Do you sell products in the U.S?

The Pollard dealer network extends from Ottawa, ON to Windsor, ON. Currently our products are not available in the United States.

Other Questions or Concerns?

If you still have any questions or concerns about our window and door products that we did not cover on this page, please feel free to reach out to us!

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