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When to Replace Your Windows & Doors

6 Ways to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Windows and Doors

Your doors are much more than just entranceways — they’re a crucial part of how your home functions. Getting the right doors can increase the value of your property while saving you money, not to mention making your home more beautiful and more functional.

So, when is it time to replace your windows and doors? There are six key factors to consider, and Pollard Windows & Doors is here to help answer any questions you may have.

Quality of Life
Aside from the many practical advantages that may lead to replacing your windows and doors, perhaps the most important is that they can increase your enjoyment of your home. Beautiful bay windows can allow lots of natural light into your home, while double-hung windows allow for maximum airflow to bring fresh air inside.

Energy Efficiency to Save Money
New windows and doors are an investment that can pay off quickly. Your doors and windows are a major way that heat escapes your house during the winter— and they also allow cool air to escape during the summer, meaning that you’ll have to crank the air conditioner to keep your home temperate. The investment you make by choosing windows and doors that are ENERGY STAR® certified can soon pay off by lowering your monthly energy bill.

Environmental Friendliness
Of course, when it comes to energy efficiency, savings go hand in hand with environmental friendliness. You can rest assured with the knowledge that ENERGY STAR® certified windows and doors will reduce energy consumption and help the environment. What’s more, environmental friendliness can save you money.

Curb Appeal
If you’re planning to sell your house in order to increase your home’s value, new windows and doors offer an excellent return on investment. Beautiful new windows and doors can add to your home’s aesthetic appeal, and they’re also a great selling point. It’s a fast way to stand out from the other homes on your block with looks that are timeless and modern.

Of course, a clear reason to replace your windows or doors is when they become damaged. Most windows should last around 15 to 25 years — different materials have different lifespans — by which time you may notice that they’re warped, mouldy or letting in drafts. While repairs can serve as a temporary fix, they will eventually need to be replaced. If you’re planning on selling your home, these kinds of maintenance problems can seriously impact the value of your property.

Home Security
Don’t let a faulty latch or rotting wood impact the safety of your home. New windows and doors will be more solid and secure, allowing you and your family to rest easy. A newly installed entrance system is a good way to maximize your home security.

If any of the above reasons apply to you, it may be time for new windows and doors. Want to know more? Discuss your options with the professional team at Pollard Windows & Doors. Give us a call today or visit our display centres located in Burlington and Toronto. We serve clients located in the GTA and beyond.

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