view of house from backyard blending indoor and outdoor living

Blending Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

How to Blend Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces Using Windows and Doors

Sometimes, the best way to enjoy your indoor spaces is to bring some of the outside in. Casement windows and French doors are just a couple of ways to maximize your natural light and airflow, protecting you from the harsh elements while making the inside of your home feel connected to the outdoors. At Pollard Windows & Doors, we have a range of selections to increase the natural beauty of indoor spaces.

French Doors

In a living space like a bedroom, dining room or sitting area, French doors are a great option to allow lots of natural light into your home. When the weather is cold, keep them closed and you can stay cozy while still having a clear view of the outside world; during the spring and summer, these double doors can open wide, making your indoor space feel breezy and open.

In a large room, consider installing multiple sets of French doors. With natural light pouring in and the doors open wide, you’ll have a beautiful view of the outdoors with a wide passage space and superior ventilation.

Casement Windows

Casement windows can be opened a full 90 degrees, meaning that they provide outstanding ventilation. They’re easy to clean, the hardware makes them secure, and they are a great way to open up a room to the outdoors.

Bay and Bow Windows 

Bay windows and bow windows are available in a variety of shapes — 30, 45 or 90-degree angles — and they create beautiful nooks with windows on three sides. These look like a beautiful glass picture frame for the outside world. Fixed windows will allow the natural night to flood in while operating windows give the added option of being opened to create airflow. You can make part of your room feel almost like it’s part of the outside world, maximizing your natural light all year round and creating a sense of open space. Casements windows, in combination with fixed lite windows, are a great option for creating bay and bow windows.

More Window Options

Many different types of windows can help to blend your inside and outside spaces. Double-hung windows allow for airflow into a room, while horizontal sliders are perfect for small spaces, as they can be opened wide without taking up any room or interfering with window coverings.

Even decorative windows can be an elegant option to bring the outside in — although these fixed windows don’t open, the wide range of sizes and styles means that they can adapt to a variety of spaces and different room shapes. Do you have an unused section of wall? We can turn it into a decorative window!

Make your inside space feel welcoming by introducing natural light and ventilation. We love exploring creative ways to help you blend your indoor and outdoor spaces. When choosing one of these options, always consider products that are ENERGY STAR® certified for optimum efficiency. By doing so you’ll improve the aesthetics along with the functionality of your living space. We have display centres in Burlington and Toronto, and we serve clients in the GTA and beyond. Give Pollard Windows & Doors a call today to explore your options.

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