When picking your windows and doors, it is adamant that you consider the energy efficient component. Having energy efficient windows and doors can offer benefits such as savings on heating and cooling bills, and ensuring that your home is well insulated; preventing any outside air from getting in.

The basis on how energy efficiency is determined on windows and doors is by their R value and U value. The R value is the insulative value of the window and the U value is the amount of heat that escapes from the window. Therefore, you want a high R value and a low U value.  Triple Pane Windows R value is much higher compared to double pane windows which means that they are better equipped to keep your house insulated.

Other considerations of the window and doors to determine the energy efficiency would be the type of the window/door, how thick it is and the type of glass within it. Low- E coating helps insulate the heat within your house and insulating gas within the spaces of your windows helps protect your house from losing temperature and forming condensation on the windows. For doors, the insulation values of steel door slabs or fiberglass door slabs are very comparable. Both have approximately 7 times better insulation values than a wooden door slab.

When considering what manufacturer to go to for windows and doors you should make sure they have an ENERGY STAR Rating. To go further you should make sure they are a member under the National Fenestration Rating Council. This council goes beyond to evaluate a whole product as opposed to just evaluating how energy efficient the glass is.

Pollard Windows is both ENERGY STAR Certified and a member of the National Fenestration Rating Council.

There are many things to look for when ensuring you are purchasing a good energy efficient window and or door and we hope this provides you with additional information to help you make an educated informed decision.