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Did you know that we offer an array of hardware options to accompany our Pollard doors? 

At Pollard, we believe that quality should never be a compromise. From using the finest materials and components, we are committed to creating high-quality hardware that not only looks beautiful and flawless but also endures the test of time.

Baldwin Reserve Hardware

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The Baldwin Reserve portfolio is for people who want to make a great first impression with their entrance system. They’re looking for a distinctive look in their hardware choice and find value in a company with a long history of experience and a bona fide commitment to quality. Far beyond just a lock in a box, Reserve opens the door to a customizable world flowing with inspiration. 

Finest Materials

Before the hardware takes it shape, we begin with raw bars of solid brass. Brass is a highly dependable and durable metal that naturally resists corrosion. Holding a piece of solid brass Baldwin hardware in your hand, you will immediately notice the difference – it is heavier, stronger, and smoother than hardware that is made of aluminum or plated steel.

Forged To Last

Skilled artisans transform raw brass to beautiful hardware through an age old and time-tested technique known as heat forging – pounding hot metal into a specially made die. In contrast to the simpler forging technique known as casting, heat forging requires more intensive work and careful attention to detail, but it produces stronger, heavier products.

Smoothing Out Rough Edges

Before the hardware can be finished, it gets a trim. Skilled operators work the stamping press that trims the extra metal left by the forge. Then, another machine grinds the surface to remove oxidation created from the forge, revealing the smooth metal.

The Finishing Touch

Baldwin hardware comes in a spectrum of 8 lustrous finishes, 3 of which were newly developed for the Reserve product portfolio. They offer a custom look for every architectural style, depending on the desired design, whether clean and minimalistic or classic vintage. 

Polished To Shine

In the final step of production, our hardware goes through two stages of polishing – the first to thoroughly remove any imperfections such as scratches or nicks and the second to buff the hardware to a flawless shine. In the first stage, fast spinning wheels wipe away potential scratches left by the forge. Then jeweler’s rouge is used to carefully buff the metal.

Baldwin Reserve is the best of both worlds – accessibility and artful appeal. Leave a lasting impression with one of our classic, traditional designs or one of our sleek, contemporary handlesets.

Baldwin Reserve – Traditional Handleset Portfolio

Our Traditional Handlesets are offered in three popular styles: Napa, Del Mar and New Hampshire. These styles are available in these 8 beautiful finishes: Polished Brass, Satin Brass, Satin Nickel, Matte Antique Nickel, Venetian Bronze, Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel and Satin Black. Select from a choice of a Traditional Knob or Lever inside trim options with either Square Rose or Arched Rose to complete your unique design.

Napa Del Mar New Hampshire Hardware Styles

Baldwin Reserve – Contemporary Handleset Portfolio

Our Contemporary Handlesets are offered in three sleek styles:  Seattle, Miami, and Santa Cruz. They are available in these 6 versatile finishes: Satin Nickel, Venetian Bronze, Satin Brass, Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, and Satin Black. Select from a choice of Contemporary Knob or Lever inside trim options with a Square Rose to create a modern look.

Seattle Miami Santa Cruz Hardware Styles

Baldwin/Weiser Electronic Key Pads

We currently offer two electronic keypads: Premis and Smart Code 10. Premis is a smart electronic keypad that you can unlock from your iPhone and works with Apple HomeKit. For those not needing the Apple/iPhone features, the Smart Code 10 is a perfect solution with up to 16 user code capacity and a design that works well with the Baldwin Contemporary Handlesets.

Pollard Windows

Pollard Multi-Point Premium Hardware

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Elegant and dependable, our multi-point system features a premium hardware mechanism that offers unsurpassed security. This 3-point deadbolt locking system uses robust tempered steel latch bolts that always engages behind the keepers when closing a door. This provides a high level of security; better weather sealing performance and minimizes any possible door warpage. 

Our multi-point premium hardware is available in many modern and classic handleset styles that can suit any home. These handleset styles are specifically engineered to work with the multi-point mechanism and offer the same level of quality and strength. Select from a variety of finishes that perfectly complement the décor of your home.

Roma Style

Pollard Windows

See our Baldwin Hardware brochure and multipoint brochure for all available options!

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