The Pollard Windows & Doors Warranty

Pollard has been a proud window and door manufacturer for 70 years.

Our efforts in building relationships extend to our product warranty, and we believe our long-term commitment to our customers in this manner has helped contribute to our decades of success.

At the heart of that commitment is a strong desire to provide our customers more for their money.

We call it exceptional value, and you’ll call it peace of mind, knowing that you can count on Pollard Windows for years to come.

 You can easily register your warranty on our site using our Online Warranty Registration Form.

It may not be the first question on your mind when you’re in the market for new windows, but understanding just how long a product warranty lasts is very important in the event that anything goes wrong with your new purchase.

Despite the pride we place in the quality of our products, Pollard understands that sometimes things do break.

However, in the case of products like windows and doors, problems may not make themselves apparent for several years. This can cause concern amongst customers who are not sure if they will still be covered under warranty after a certain amount of time.

And, on the rare occasions that there are post-installation issues, we want to lend a helping hand with regards to covering costs of repair or replacement.

It’s important to note that we offer different types of warranties depending on the issue in question, all of which have appropriate lengths of coverage.

Also important to keep in mind that your warranty details may vary depending on whether you’re a Canadian or US customer.

For full details on the warranties we offer our customers, including limitations, exclusions, and how to make a claim, please contact your Pollard Sales Representative or Dealer.

It’s important to remember that warranties may be updated for new products so it’s important to keep a copy of the warranty or bill of sale to identify the warranty that applies to your products.

These updates may include changes to coverage, limitations, and length, all of which may differ from your original warranty.

Customers of Pollard Windows & Doors who cannot identify the year of their products can get in touch with a Pollard Customer Service Representative or Pollard Dealer to find the applicable coverage.

We don’t suggest you lose sleep from wondering how long your windows are covered for potential problems. Your windows and doors will last a very long time, likely the entire time you own your home.

In the event you require a warranty claim, we will be here for you – whether it’s within the first year of purchase, or two decades later – it’s not something you should think about every time you look out the window.

Just sit back and enjoy the view and reap the benefits of having new energy-efficient products in your home.

Contact Pollard for More Information

If you have any further questions or concerns about our warranty or products, please feel free to get in touch with a Pollard representative today.