Maintaining the Quality of Your Windows & Doors


Regular maintenance will help keep your Pollard windows and doors looking like new!

Here are a few helpful tips to keep your windows and doors providing you with a lifetime of dependability and maximum energy efficiency. Pollard products must be maintained properly for the manufacturers warranty to remain valid.

We recommend that you inspect your windows and patio doors annually to prolong the life of your product and ensure maximum warranty coverage.

Download: Proper Care and Maintenance for Your Pollard Windows and Doors

Window & Door Annual Maintenance

  • Use extra caution on ladders and wear protective eyewear and clothing.
  • Use of razor blades or knives is not recommended on any coated glass such as Low E. However, if residue cannot be removed, a new 1” razor blade may be used on small areas only! Never scrape in back and forth motion as it will permanently damage the glass.
  • Use razor blade against the window at a 45° angle to protect the surface of the glass.
  • When working with primers, paints, stains or cleaning solutions, always follow the safety precautions as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Inspect the caulking on the exterior perimeter of your windows and patio doors at least once per year. This helps to create a watertight seal between the window and door frames and your house siding.
  • If the caulking is cracked, broken or missing, completely remove and replace with all new caulking to prevent from further damage.
  • To remove any deposits on vinyl surfaces, such as grease, oil or stains, use a cleaner such as Fantastik® and gently rinse thoroughly afterwards.
  • Note: Power washers should not be used when cleaning windows or doors as it may damage the products, therefore voiding warranty.
  • Inspect wood surfaces on your windows carefully. You should paint or stain them as soon as possible after installation.
  • Be sure to use gentle, non-abrasive cleaning products.
  • The regular maintenance and lubrication of your windows’ moving parts will help prolong their lives. All moving contact parts should be lubricated in the spring and fall.
  • Check that all hardware operates smoothly (locks, opening mechanisms, etc.).
  • Vacuum out any debris and clean the tracks with warm, soapy water. Dry thoroughly.
  • Use a silicone spray on window tracks and hardware to help them operate smoothly
  • Do not paint metal parts or weatherstripping as this could affect the operation of your windows and make them less effective.
  • Dust above all window and door frames.
  • Open windows and clean the frame under the sash. Also, wipe the outside edge of the sashes to make sure there is nothing obstructing their operation.
  • For best results, do not clean glass when it is exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Clean glass from top to bottom. Soak glass surface with soapy water to loosen dirt and debris.
  • Use water of similar temperature to weather conditions, vinegar and paper towel for a streak free finish.
  • Repeat on both the interior and exterior glass.
  • When cleaning your screen, it is always easiest to remove the screen and lay it down on a flat surface. Always use caution when removing or handling screens.
  • Interior mounted screens can be vacuumed with a soft brush attachment or wiped with a soap and water solution.
  • Ventilation is the most effective means to remove moisture from your home. By exchanging some of the drier outdoor winter air for warm humid interior air, the moisture level inside the house will be reduced.
  • Be sure to run your kitchen fan while cooking.
  • Drapes and blinds should be left open during daytime. At night, raise blinds at least 4” up to allow air to flow against the glass.
  • Run the exhaust fan in your bathroom when showering to remove excess humidity.

More Questions About Maintenance?

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